Press Statement – Twitter’s False Allegations Against Smaat Co.

Mon, Dec 23, 2019 10:17 AM

Our attention has been drawn to the serious allegations made by Twitter dated Dec 20, 2019 (New Disclosures to our archive of state-backed information operations: against our company - Smaat Co. - and its executives, claiming the involvement of Smaat Co. by tracing the source of “coordinated activity” to Smaat Co., which resulted in platform manipulation as alleged. 

Smaat Co. holds high confidence in the work it creates, and as a company, we will not tolerate Twitter’s false allegations whatsoever. We will take all necessary legal actions against Twitter’s arbitrary decision, which had a direct effect on our brand, name, reputation, and business in the market. 

To clarify the facts, Smaat Co. is a Marketing Agency based in Saudi Arabia and strictly known for its compliance with the laws, market practices, and business standards in the region. 

Sami AL-Rasheed

Smaat Co.


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