Press Statement – Twitter’s False Allegations Against Smaat Co.

Mon, Dec 23, 2019 10:17 AM

Our attention has been drawn to the serious allegations made by Twitter dated Dec 20, 2019 (New Disclosures to our archive of state-backed information operations

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Smaat launches Programmatic product in Gitex 2018

Tue, Oct 16, 2018 1:12 PM

Programmatic Advertising

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In its ongoing quest to empower women Smaat offered a car for one their female employees

Mon, Jun 25, 2018 5:48 PM

Smaat company; one of the leading companies in the field of digital media and marketing had the chance to celebrate 10\10 with Saudi women after the announcement of the royal decree that lifts the ban on women driving. This unique celebration aims to raise the company's social engagement and helps t...

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Smaat's Initiatives in the Holy Month of Ramadan

Tue, Jun 19, 2018 11:39 AM

Smaat has augmented the corporate social responsibility (CSR) by providing a variety of social programs and activities. Such programs are aimed to reinforce the CSR culture in the work environment and enhance the enrollment of the male and female employees and, therefore, increase the self-awareness...

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سماءات تستأنف نشاطها في السوق الإماراتي وتفتتح مكتبها الإقليمي في إمارة دبي

Tue, May 8, 2018 2:21 PM

افتتحت شركة سماءات اليوم مكتبها الإقليمي في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة في إمارة دبي، وقد شرّف حفل الافتتاح معالي الأستاذ محمد بن عبدالله القرقاوي -وزير شؤون مجلس الوزراء -

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